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Library Art Exhibition Space - Featured Artists

April Art Exhibits:

2-D exhibit: Ashton Thornhill, “Reflective Light”

“Sometimes the sense of a place is space,” says Southwest-landscape photographer Ashton Thornhill. Since 1979, when hired to head Texas Tech University’s Photo-communications program, Thornhill has captured the historic pathways and landscapes of our southwest region in the camera lens. This March, he brings a selection of his photography to the gallery walls. The exhibit, Reflective Lights, runs April 1 –  30.

Visit his website to see parts of his collection.


Wolfe Moon2023.jpg

3D Art Exhibit: Two Sisters Jewelry: Janice St. Marie and Sharon Chuh

Using turquoise, amber, coral and semi-precious stones, as well as a variety of beads, Janice St. Marie creates one-of-a-kind, custom necklaces, the continuation of a passion since her days as a 12-year-old creating custom jewelry at the flea market in her small hometown in Minnesota. “I have never  stopped making jewelry,” she says. “In fact, I have some beads from so long ago that they could now be considered vintage.”


Inspired by her love of nature, Janice’s sister Sharon creates bracelets utilizing a variety of beads that represent the colors of nature, such as agate, pearl, tiger eye, shell, aquamarine, jasper, and amethyst, aventurine, turquois and many others. “Each bracelet is unique and made with thought and joy and infused with love.”

To purchase items, email or call 505-690-4644.

See her website at

jewelry 2_St Marie.jpg
Coming Soon to the Library Art Exhibition Space

Vista Grande Public Library, May 2024 Art Exhibit


This May, VGPL will host two artists, Linda Armantrout and Arlin Ginsburg. Armantrout produces oil-on-canvas paintings, employing cold wax, oil pastels, or oil sticks to enhance the communication of her deepened feelings about transitions since moving to New Mexico. Since her relocation to Eldorado, her subject matter shifted to reflect the local landscape and wildlife. Armantrout’s studio in Eldorado is open all year by appointment (505-660-9020). 



In the 3D gallery space this month is Arlin Ginsburg of Avian Arts of Santa Fe. Ginsburg’s colorful hand-carved and painted birds, turtles, and frogs— a craft he has perfected for decades — have been influenced by his move to New Mexico, the cultures, and landscapes.


Ginsburg’s carved birds and Armantrout’s colorful oils of wildlife are a good pairing with World Migratory Bird Day, May 11th.  The public reception will be held Saturday, May 4, 1-3 pm, at the library.



Art at the Library

These exhibitions are presented by VGPL to give patrons another enrichment experience when visiting the library located south of the El Dorado School, on 14 Ave Torreon, Santa Fe, NM 87508. Library hours are 10-6 Tu-Fri., and 10-4 on Sat. Exhibition art will be on sale by the artist. The library will receive a sales commission benefiting operations and library programming.

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