Art Exhibitions

Note. Art exhibits are virtual (website) only at this time. In-library exhibitions are currently on hold and will be rescheduled as soon as the library reopens. 


Library patrons love the monthly art exhibitions at VGPL. A wide variety of mediums and themes have generated thoughtful discussion and reflection. Artists have also held receptions providing opportunities for friends and family to celebrate each show and new acquaintances a chance to meet the artist. The 2/D exhibitions range from 10-18 pieces and been framed in a variety of sizes with 16x20 being the most common.


New to the exhibition series is a 72" high – 40” wide lockable, lighted glass display tower for 3/D work. Small sculpture, ceramics, paper and textile artists may apply for exhibition space. 2/D and 3/D shows may run concurrently.

VGPL receives a 20% commission when any art is sold as a result of a show. This funding supports the library’s daily operations and programs. Over $700 in art commissions has come to VGPL. 


See the gallery below for recent exhibitors. Click the photo to enlarge and see artist and title.

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