Can two people in love come to an understanding in a class-conscious English estate in Egypt during WWII? It is December 1941: Young medic William Westbrook leaves London to return to his family's estate in Cairo.There, he meets and falls in love with a mysterious and mute servant who he suspects is a refugee. Desperate to know her, William names her Salomé and looks after her. But his altruistic intentions are thwarted when fate thrusts Salomé into a seething Cairene mob.In a daring rescue, William fishes Salomé out of the clutches of vicious Nazi supporters. But can William keep her safe?William's mischievous brother, burdened by secrets of his own, takes interest in Salomé and inadvertently leads to a rift between the couple, and ultimately Salomé's disappearance.Despondent and grieving, William escapes to Palestine and ends up joining an underground resistance group led by Zionists.In Palestine, William cannot find solace but he finds more answers to his questions about war and about Salomé.Salomé is an unforgettable tale of passion and loyalty against the horrors of war and the shifting fabric of social hierarchy.


  • Alex David

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