Intrepid Faith
"Intrepid Faith" tells the true story of early Mormon pioneer Joseph Holbrook who journeys across the treacherous plains and mountains to settle in the Salt Lake Valley as a member of the Brigham Young Wagon Train Company of 1848. The story begins when Joseph is taken away from his mother and siblings to live with his grandparents. Growing up on their large family farm in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, allows him to develop into a serious and hard-working young man who feels a yearning for something greater. His prayer is answered when his cousin, Mary Ann Angell, the future Mrs. Brigham Young, loans him her copy of The Book of Mormon. The journey ahead for Joseph and his family proves to be possible only for those with the deepest of faith. Driven from their homes, hunted down by mobs, held as prisoners, and threatened with extermination, the Mormons refuse to give up. Joseph's family builds and abandons and rebuilds multiple homes along the way, leaving lost loved ones buried behind. From Far West to Nauvoo, from Winter Quarters to Salt Lake, "Intrepid Faith" captures the epic journey and the unimaginable determination of these brave 19th century American pioneers. Courage, love, and adventure bring Joseph's inspiring story of incredible resilience to life.

Intrepid Faith

  • Colette Sheets

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