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January 2022 - Library Art Exhibition Space

In January 2022, the Vista Grande Public Library is hosting two Eldorado at Santa Fe artists. Note: Artist receptions have been postponed due to COVID.

Donna Boggins- "Artist Unearths Inspiration from the Ancients"

The Vista Grande Public Library (VGPL) will host an Eldorado at Santa Fe Decorative Gourd Vessel artist, Donna Boggins in the library lobby glass case.


Working on archeological dig sites and spending eight years as Board President of a Southern California History Museum, recent Eldorado resident artist, Donna found inspiration in why and how ancient artisans transformed the lowly gourd into timeless works of art.


Jasmine Quinsier- "Sacred Geometry/ Visionary Art"

The Vista Grande Public Library will host Santa Fe artist Jasmine
Quinsier's show “Sacred Geometry/Visionary Art”. Jasmine is a colorful collage artist who is fascinated by patterns around her. 

Jasmine has been delving into many forms of sacred art ever since she can
remember. Working with many different patterns, Jasmine creates using Celtic
Knotwork, Sacred Geometry and Islamic influenced shapes. She layers many
forms of art, including laser cut paper, collage, painting, printmaking and

Jasmine's evolution into Laser Cutting has expanded her art into multi-
dimensional craft and fine art that explores the depth of the inner soul thru visual

boggins beaded gourd.jpg

Donna Boggins

art Jasmine Quinsier.jpg

Jasmine Quinsier

Art at VGPL

The VGPL exhibition series is for the enjoyment of patrons when visiting the library located south of the El Dorado Community School, on 14 Avenida Torreon, Santa Fe, NM 87508. Library hours are 10-6 Tuesday - Friday and 10-4 on Saturday. Exhibition art will be on sale during the month, and available to the purchaser after the close of the show. The library will receive a sales commission benefiting operations and library programming.


For more information, contact: Sandra Young at

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