Book Donation Day

VGPL holds a book donation day the first Saturday of every month, unless that day is a holiday, at which point we hold it the next week. Donations are accepted 9-11:30 am only. Donation Day takes place in the VGPL Meeting Room.

We love that you want to donate to us, but ask that you help us out by following certain guidelines.

We accept books that are clean and in good condition. We accept DVDs, audio books and CDs. We cannot take personally recorded items and no longer have any use for VHS tapes or cassettes.

The newer an item is, the better chance it has of becoming part of the collection. But any books in good condition help support the library through our book sale.

If you have more than five boxes of books, the earlier you arrive the better. Remember, this is a group of volunteers giving up their Saturday morning, so helping us by not arriving at 11:25 with a lot of material is a kindness.


For those who don't know, items brought in are sorted by whether we can take them at all (see below) then as to whether we might want them in the collection or to use for sale. Once they have been sent to the "sale" category, there is still more sorting, boxing and moving that takes place, so this is really a process and most days we'll have up to 10 volunteers working to make the process go smoothly and quickly.

We ask that you please NOT donate: Textbooks, encyclopedias, computer manuals, outdated instruction books, dictionaries or thesauri. These items do not sell and our only recourse is the recycling bin, which can only hold so much.

Items that are moldy, water damaged or have been visited by mice are a health hazard and should be thrown away. We have no special tools for making them safe and handling them unknowingly puts both volunteers and the public at risk. Often an entire box of items will be thrown away because we have no idea of the extent of the contamination.

And please don't do what the "donor" in the picture to the right did. These books were left outside, in the wet and had to be thrown out.

Waste Management at present does allow books in the recycling bins. If your books have been read so many times that they're falling apart, as much as we might wish, there's nothing we can do but pass them on to be recycled.

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