Book Donation Day

Book Donation is resuming, but our process is different for the moment.


We will not currently be allowing donors into the building.

There will be a table outside the Meeting Room. Items must be placed on or near. Items must be boxed or bagged in containers you don't need back. Loose items will be discarded. We will not be able to unload items while you wait as donations will be quarantined just like returned materials.

There is a listing of what we cannot accept on the table, as well as on this page.

If you need a receipt, please go to the main door during open hours.

PLEASE no more than five boxes/bags per donor per week.

You may be able to get help unloading between 10-12 T-F ONLY. Items must be bagged or boxed and social distancing will be maintained.

This process will be in place until further notice.

Thank you.

When We Accept Donations

  • 1st Saturday of every month; if a holiday, the following Saturday

  • Donations accepted 9-11:30 am only

  • Donation Day takes place in the VGPL Meeting Room

  • Volunteers will help you unload your donations

  • Bring large donations (i.e., more than five boxes) early on donation day

  • Please use containers you do not need back.

What to Donate

  • Hardcover and softcover books—clean and in good condition

  • DVDs

  • Audio books

  • Music CDs

Julia and some of the team on book donation day, sorting and boxing materials

What to Do with Items We Will Not Accept



  • Moldy, water or rodent damaged materials; these are a health hazard for our volunteers

  • Personally recorded items

  • Incomplete DVDs, music CDs, audiobooks

Recycle (e.g., charities, county/city/private recycling)

  • Activity books, workbooks

  • Annuals, yearbooks

  • Audio cassettes, VHS tapes, LP records

  • Books in poor condition

  • Books published by magazines (e.g., Reader’s Digest, Time-Life Books)

  • Computer software and manuals

  • Directories, telephone books

  • Encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri

  • Free, examination or advanced reading copies

  • Journals, newspapers, magazines

  • Law books and related

  • Non-western script books

  • Reference material over 5 years old

  • Tax and government documents or forms

  • Textbooks, course packets

  • vgpl-facebook

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