Coming in August 2021

Selene Sinclair – Lia Bello - Joey Serim


In August the Vista Grande Public Library (VGPL) will host three local artists' work. 

Eldorado at Santa Fe artist Selene Sinclair will have a 3D exhibit entitled "Decorative Arts - Helmets." The show will  run from August 1 - August 31.  This exhibit will feature 7 to 8 pieces that Selene created for a class she took during the pandemic.  They address facets of our trembling Earth, and look at the Sixth Great Extinction of which we are a part at this very moment.  Each helmet looks at what is leaving forever -  Bugs, Monarch butterflies, American politics, Religious Beliefs, Ocean, and Water.  The helmets are playful, but honest.

The library will also host Cerrillos, NM artist Lia Bello and her 2D exhibit entitled "Colorful Life."  She will display 8 colorful oil and pastel paintings for the entire month of August.  Lia has been painting for 25 years, since she moved to the Taos area from the Washington, D.C. suburbs.

The third artist featured in the month of August at the Vista Grande Public Library (VGPL) is Eldorado at Santa Fe artist Joey Serim.  Her exhibit is called “My Journey to Clay.”  This VIRTUAL show will feature 8-10 pieces of Ms. Serim's beautiful pottery.





Sinclair - Prehistoric Helmets

Prehistoric Helmet

Selene Sinclair

Bellows - Quails


Lia Bello

Serim - Ceramics

My Journey to Clay

Joey Serim

Art at VGPL

The VGPL exhibition series is for the enjoyment of patrons when visiting the library located south of the El Dorado Community School,
on 14 Avenida Torreon, Santa Fe, NM 87508. Refer to the Home Page for current Library hours. Exhibition art will be on sale during
the month, and available to the purchaser after the close of the show. The library will receive a sales commission benefiting operations and library programming.


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